Mint- Chill Your Smoke (with CBD)

10 smokes per pack | 10 mg per smoke


Chill Smokes use what we call a Chill state-of-mind to liberate people from products of the past. Choose Chill tobacco alternative smokes because they allow you to choose your future with the innovation of CBD experiences. 

Each pack contains pure CBD and natural herbs. Each smoke releases approximately 10mg of pure CBD while experiencing peppermint and lavender. This combination is a new take on a traditional flavor providing a new way to experience CBD. 

Unique filter design for satisfying air-flow and they’re biodegradable.

Chill selects natural ingredients for smokes selecting farmers who follow organic and sustainable practices. Each ingredient is as pure as the CBD contained in each smoke.

Third party tested for full transparency and trust.

  • Nicotine & Tobacco Free
  • Non Psychoactive
  • Each pack contains 10 individual smoke experiences.


Peppermint, Mullein, Red Raspberry, Lavender, Mugwort, Damiana, Rose Petals, Catnip, Calendula, Lobelia, CBD Isolate. 

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