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Discover the best brands and products
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Are you
Wild by

24hr protection with Wild refillable natural deodorant.
Great for your skin and the environment

Refresh and
with AWKN

A science-backed liquid supplement with natural superfoods
and vitamins to help your body rebalance and recover.

Cellular Goods:
not just skincare

Next-gen skincare products that help
people look, feel and function better.

Catch some
rays with

Premium, low-calorie, all-natural soft drinks
with 50% of your daily vitamin D, to help you
catch the sun all year round.

Meet OTO:
Plant powered,
award winning
and sustainable

Harnesses the power of pure plant extracts
to restore balance to mind, body, & skin.

0% Nicotine
100% Flavour

Join us on our mission to ditch nicotine.
It's vaping, but not as you know it!

Find Your Oomf
with Quanna

All-natural sexual wellness products and supplements
to help your find your oomf in or out of the bedroom!

HUX Superfoods
& Supplements

Making complex nutrition simple


Stressed? Choose Chill.

Embrace the power of nature and rediscover a healthier, happier you with the best hemp, nootropics and other natural products to help you refresh, recharge and unwind.

Sneaky Effects
of Stress You
Might Not Notice

We’ve unpacked ten ways stress is sneaking
up on you, so you can watch your back!

Quanna: Where
Science and Medicine
get the Chance to
be Candid

1/10 women experience painful sex and more
than 50% of women in the UK are not satisfied
with their sex lives. Quanna are here to change that!

Sipping Sobriety:
Navigating Social
Situations Without

Tips that’ll help you handle staying sober
one sip at a time.

How Quitting
Smoking Can
Improve Your
Sex Life

We unpack the benefits going tobacco-free
has on your sex life!

Why Mediation
Changes Lives

Why meditation isn't just for yogi's, and
why it's the ultimate stress buster!

Headstand: Made
From Coffee Leaf
But Tastes Nothing
Like Coffee!

How Josh Tarlo is transforming the beverage
industry with Headstand.

Our Customer Stories

“My first time trying Goodrays and I wasn't disappointed. Delicious flavours and I felt so calm after”
I have tried other Quanna products and have been really happy with them so I am giving this a go. I am just a week in, and already feeling results!
Effective gummies for every mood. The CBD gummies are really tasty and they work! The Nootropics work wonders however expect a very slight earthy matcha taste. I'm a convert!
Dan O.
“ Chill smokes are great and I'm so glad you can buy them in a carton of 10. It's really convenient. Delivery is quick and they really are a smooth smoke!”
“ I've tried a lot of gummies and these are some of the best on the market. They taste great and always help me to feel a little more me and a litte more Chill”
“ As a non-smoker I was a little apprehensive to try, but I had read how smokes can be a good way to get the benefits of CBD.

I’ve tried various CBD tinctures and CBD gummies without any noticeable benefits. The first night after smoking two, I scored my first ever excellent for sleep on my Fitbit! It could have been a coincidence but the second night I had a great sleep too! Will have to try the mint ones next!”
Tom K.
“ Absolutely love these gummies! They taste amazing, they're vegan but mostly they really work. Really helps with my anxiety and love to take one before bed for a better nights sleep”
“Really smooth and love the biodegradable filters”

The 12 Days of CHILLMAS is here! Get 20% OFF on CHILLZER0 Cherry

The 12 Days of CHILLMAS is here! Get 20% OFF on CHILLZER0 Cherry