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What is Chill CBD?

Chill creates CBD tobacco alternatives. Proprietary methods and technologies infuse our CBD Chill smokes that contain cannabidiol -not tobacco or nicotine. 

CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, and is a hemp plant extract. Chill supports the latest research and wellness information being developed through studies in labs and universities around the world. As new scientific information emerges information about the benefits of CBD, Chill is here to utiliase that knowledge for the benefit our customers.

Why Chill CBD?

Ongoing research will likely reveal even more remarkable benefits of CBD. Studies continue to explor the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, which may be why it can play an important role in managing chronic pain. There is also a growing body of research that suggests CBD can help with anxiety disorders and be used for relaxation.

FREEdom to Chill

Try FREEdom. Experience CBD. Build the Chill Nation.

The world is intense. At Chill we take pride in making products that inspire us to unwind. In fact, members of the Chill Nation can relax knowing that Chill CBD products have been tested by expert scientists and third-party laboratories who ensure our CBD is pure, natural, and free from contaminants.

Chill CBD: The Mission

Chill is a company that believes people should have the freedom to choose a different future without the challenges of the past. 

Chill Nation: A Community

The Chill Nation is a community where you‘re accepted for who you are. If you believe taking time to Chill is essential for a meaningful life, try our CBD products. it doesn't matter if you’re an astronaut, a farmer, a doctor, a school teacher, a welder, an athlete, a restaurant owner, a DJ or anyone from any walk of life. The Chill Nation is a global community of people united through CBD who believe taking time to chill, and pushing pause on life’s stresses will make us stronger, healthier and more creative. 

The Chill Values

Chill values people from all walks of life who share a common belief in the importance of having the freedom to choose For themselves. Chill tobacco alternatives help people exercise freedom by choosing Chill and CBD for a better future. 

The Chill Nation Credo

There is a time to compete, but we chill when the game is done.  There is a time to run, but we chill when the race is won.  There is a time to ascend the mountain, and we chill once at the top.  There is a time to cross the channel, and we chill on the beaches when the swimmings done. There is a time to push back, and a time to chill and make up.  There is a time to go harder than you've ever gone before, and a time to chill on your way back home.

For every action, there is a time to Chill. For every challenge we face, there is freedom to choose a better future. Together we Chill

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