We’ve been involved in Magnesium for nearly 20 years, mostly because of having 4 children and helping support our own stress and mental well being! Dr. David Thomas (our father-in-law/father) is a well-known nutritionist. He completed a significant study in the 00’s entitled ‘A Study on the mineral depletion of the foods available to us as a nation between 1940 and 2002’. It highlighted that in some food groups, one mineral in particular, Magnesium, had depleted by more than 60%. We were already aware of several studies on Magnesium that showed it supports the nervous system by reducing stress and helps mental well being by supporting normal psychological function. During the pandemic, Stuart read about a Nationwide Study by the Mental Health Foundation in 2018 that highlighted that over 80% of women and nearly 70% of men had experienced stress to such a degree, it had left them feeling unable to cope. This was before the pandemic and cost of living crisis. Stuart literally thought ‘OMG’ when it clicked in his head, why don’t we produce a drink called ‘OHMG’ and bring Magnesium to the mass market.

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