Emily Benitez ● July 18, 2023

Join us for an insightful Q&A session with the visionary Zoey Henderson CEO of FUNGTN, a trailblazing brand that introduces beer with a function! FUNGTN seamlessly blends the art of brewing with the extraordinary power of functional mushrooms, offering a distinctive and mindful approach to improving your health and well-being.

Discover the inspiration behind the inception of FUNGTN as the CEO reveals a tale of stumbling upon the world of fungi and their remarkable healing properties. From that transformative moment, their fascination deepened, propelling them to harness the immense potential of functional mushrooms while providing an enjoyable beer without the hangover!



Zoey: Beer with a function! Keeping you hangover free and brewing with incredible functional mushrooms. I wanted to create a product that helps consumers make more conscious decisions and help to empower their health with the power of fungi!

CHILL: What made you want to get into the functional mushroom world?

Zoey: I have been obsessed with fungi since stumbling across four Sigmatic’s ‘shroom room’ on Abbot Kenny in LA almost 10 years ago. It blew my mind that there was this super hero category of fungi that had been used to heal and nourish for thousands of years and many in the West were only just finding out about them. I started using mushrooms for my health, a naturopath recommended I take Reishi for a skin condition, driven by stress (Reishi is a bad ass anti-inflammatory and antihistamine so great for reducing inflammation) and the rest is history, I’ve been taking mushrooms daily ever sense and really can tell the positive impact on my health.

CHILL: What makes FUNGTN different from its competitors?

Zoey: Fungtn is a multi award winning alcohol free beer that brews with mycoadpatogens - We are the only functional mushroom NA beer available on the market, we are vegan, gluten free and combine three amazing functional mushrooms for a depth of flavor and adaptogen boost to your diet!

CHILL: What’s the biggest challenge you've faced with FUNGTN?

Zoey: Launching an alcohol free beer brewed with mushrooms in a global pandemic! I knew if it worked then, we were on to a winner. Three years later we are still here!

CHILL: If you were stuck on a desert island - which can of  FUNGTN would you take and why? 

Zoey: Lions Mane IPA for sure…why? Because Lions mane is an incredible nootropic - it helps nourish and support cognitive function, aiding focus, memory and lowering. It would help to keep my brain sharp to work out an escape!

CHILL: What’s so special about FUNGTN / Your Ingredients?

Zoey: It’s all about the shrooms…Magic but not as you know it ; ) Functional mushrooms are the superfood class fungi that contain active adaptogenic compounds, that have been used in traditional medicine and health and wellness for thousands of years.

They carry many of the dense nutritious benefits of usual mushrooms like selenium and Vitamin D but they also contain adaptogenic compounds that help keep our body in a natural state of balance. Studies suggest they have far reaching benefits such as supporting the immune system, hormone regulation and cognitive function.

Some functional mushrooms are edible, such as Lion’s Mane and you may well find them at your local farmers market.  But they are set apart by their high levels of compounds such a Beta D glucans and triterpenes, these can make the mushrooms much more bitter and indigestible. Most medicinal mushrooms are dried, brewed into a tea or turned into high concentrated extracts. The fruiting body of the mushroom, the bit we see is the common part that we eat but the mycelium (delicate threads of fungal hyphae) also contain valuable compounds that contribute to their health benefits.

CHILL: If you could add one more beer to the FUNGTN range, what would it be?

Zoey: It would actually be a cider! I am a big fan of cordyceps, they are an incredible fungi that help increase our bodies ability to generate ATP to optimise cellular function and increase energy and stamina. That combined with a juicy, refreshing apple cider (brewed to 0.5 abv of course) would be a killer combo for festivals and summer vibes!

CHILL: What’s your biggest wellness tip/hack? 

Zoey: Food is thy medicine! Whole foods, grains, fresh plants,  less sugar and refined processed foods. It really is simple, your fuel is life and your body can do a lot ;work hard, sleep less, train hard.. IF you fuel it right. What we put into our bodies 4/5/6 times a day is the most immediate, positive way we can empower our health and take our physical and mental wellness into our own hands…WE HAVE THE POWER AND IT STARTS WITH WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE.

CHILL: As an entrepreneur, things can get stressful. Do you have a self care routine to look after your mental health? 

Zoey: Eat, sleep, rest, repeat!

CHILL: Describe FUNGTN in 3 words

Zoey: Adapotgenic hangover free

CHILL: How do you Chill?

Zoey: I live by the sea in North Wales - getting down to the beach or hiking up a mountain! Being in nature surrounded by the humbling natural world is the best way to reduce my stress levels and ground me to what is important.

A special thanks to Zoey Henderson. We're left with a deep appreciation for the brand's commitment to providing beer with a purpose. FUNGTN seamlessly merges the art of brewing with the extraordinary power of functional mushrooms, presenting a unique and mindful way to elevate your health and well-being.

Thank you for joining us on this journey with FUNGTN. If you'd like to learn more or explore their range of products, here at Chill.com.

Cheers to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle!