The Chill Way

Chill is a CBD company based in Colorado but inspired by free spirits the world over. Our smokes and gummies are enjoyed on rooftop bars, in clubs, and at the beach - but they’re made to give you a relaxing and social CBD experience no matter where you are.
Work hard, play hard, and just Chill.



CBD stands for cannabidiol - the all-natural ingredient behind Chill. It’s a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant, but has no psychoactive effects.

Our products won’t get you high, but they could have a calming effect that helps you to just Chill.


Always Natural

All of our products look, smell, and taste natural - because they are. Chill smokes and gummies are plant-based and vegan friendly. They’re packed with carefully selected herbs that each come with their own unique benefits.
It’s natural stuff you can always trust for a good time.

Your Life, Your Choice

We believe in the freedom to choose. Chill smokes and gummies are designed to give you more choice, and they’re THC free - so you can kick back and enjoy those carefree moments that make life worth living.
Live, smoke, and chew on your terms with Chill.