Emily Benitez ● January 04, 2024

Ah, nicotine – that toxic love affair many of us engage in without fully realizing the repercussions. It's a bond that starts innocently, often fueled by curiosity or social pressures, but gradually becomes addictive. However, as the New Year unfolds, it’s time to rewrite our story, to break free from this toxic relationship and embrace the liberation of a nicotine-free life.

In the U.S, statistics show that the desire to quit smoking is strong. In 2018, a staggering 68.0% of adult smokers expressed their wish to break free from nicotine's grip. Moreover, more than half of them attempted to quit within the year. Kicking the habit isn't a walk in the park—less than one in ten smokers manage to ditch the cigs each year.

Just like in any breakup, there are things you'll be waving goodbye to as you end your relationship with nicotine:

Anxiety and Stress: Nicotine hooks you in with promises of relief from stress, but in reality, it fuels anxiety cycles. It's time to let go of this toxic relationship!

Mood Swings: The rollercoaster of emotions tied to nicotine consumption is exhausting. Is it time to bid farewell to those unpredictable highs and lows?

Financial Drain: Nicotine can burn a hole in your pocket. Look forward to saving money that would otherwise go up in smoke and spend it on things you’d normally spend weeks saving for!

Social Isolation: Being tied to nicotine can isolate you from friends and family who don't share the habit. Breaking up with nicotine means breaking barriers in your actual relationships!

Libido Loss: Nicotine’s effect on libido is often overlooked. Goodbye dry spell, and hello to a potentially revitalized love life.

As daunting as it may seem, breaking up with nicotine is a step towards freedom, better mental health, and a brighter future. It’s about reclaiming control, rediscovering oneself, and embracing a life liberated from the chains of addiction. And remember, you’re not alone on this journey—there’s a whole community ready to support and cheer you on as you break up with the toxic relationship you have with nicotine.